UPSC APFC Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner previous year Papers Pdf

By | September 19, 2017

Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner Previous Year Question Papers: The UPSC organization will be released Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner Previous year papers on official web page. Those applicants are searching UPSC Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner Sample Paper Pdf here and there.

Here you can check Assistant Provident fund commissioner last year papers, and then must check this web portal Interested and Eligible candidates must check Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner previous exam paper Pdf on official web portal.

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UPSC Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner Previous year papers Pdf

Through this content, we are providing full details regarding Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner exam such as Assistant Provident fund commissioner sample paper pdf, UPSC assistant Provident fund commissioner last year papers and Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner exam syllabus and Pattern by this web portal.

Some people may have much interest in joining the police department. Do you know the reasons? It is nothing but, they want to serve people through this post. The police department is not only to serve people. It has many subdivisions inside. So, the candidates should be courage enough to take part the entrance exam which is made by the police department.

In every year, the police department will release the announcement of the exam notification. In that, people can expect a huge number of posts. According to their required post, they can appear to the exam.

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Assistant Provident Fund Commissioner previous exam Paper Pdf in Hindi

Now, we are going to discuss the assistant provident fund. It is one of the exams conducted by the police department. This kind of job will be most probably provided by the UPSC government.

Here, the experienced candidate will be selected to place in this post. The reason is that it is to manage the fund which is collected for the police department.

Candidates must download assistant provident fund commissioner previous year papers in Hindi through official web portal. So, only the experienced candidates are allowed to attend this examination.  They will get the intimation of the exam on the right time.

They can get the details of the exam notification on the official sites. Here, the official site of this examination is

UPSC APFC previous year question papers with Answer Pdf Download

Some of the students may think to make use of the guidance which is provided in the online sites. This is because that, they can begin their preparation in an effective way.

Now, the websites are providing many ways to make the preparation more efficient. Candidates must download UPSC APFC Previous year papers pdf by this web page.

So, people can make use of this without any issues. They can get the previous year question paper in the online sites. Our team will be released UPSC APFC Last year question paper on our web portal within 2-3 days before the examination.

It becomes easy in these days. Since many people are used to getting the copy of the old question paper from the online sites.

How to download APFC previous year solved Question Paper Pdf

There are some people do not have aware of downloading the copy of the document. They can follow the below steps without any confusion. They may feel easy and simple in this method.

  • Go to the official sites of this examination.
  • Choose the previous year question paper link
  • In that, they have to specify the year properly.
  • Then, they can choose with or without an option for the answer key.
  • Then they can click to download the document.

These are the simple methods to download the copy of the UPSC APFC previous year question paper. After saving the copy of the document, they can able to learn the important questions easily.

Some Solved Questions and Answers:

  1. A tree increases annually by 1/8th of its height. What will be its height after 2 years? If it stand today 64 cm high?
  • 72Cm
  • 74 cm
  • 81 cm
  • 85 cm

Answer – 81 Cm

  1. The Side of a triangle GHL are GH=65m, HL=75m and LG =80m. What is the area of triangle?
  • 2100
  • 2160
  • 2200
  • 2280

Answer – 2280

  1. A 60 m long train travels at a uniform speed f 72km/hr. It passes non-stop along the 600m platform of a wayside station. What is the Elapsed time for the train to entirely clear the platform?
  • 30 Second
  • 31 Second
  • 32 Second
  • 33 Second

Answer – 33 Second

  1. A train travels at a certain average speed for a distance of 72 Km with an average speed of 6 Km/hour more than the original speed. Total time taken to complete the journey is 3 hour. What is the original average speed of trai?
  • 36Km/hr
  • 42 Km/Hr
  • 48 Km/hr
  • 54 Km/hr

Answer – 42 Km/hr

  1. Which of the following sets of industries were among first modern industries in India?
  • Tea, Cotton and Sugar
  • Jute, Slik and Cotton
  • Cotton, Jute and Coal- Miles
  • Sugar, Silk and Steel

Answer – C

  1. The regional project by Name “CASA-100” ( Central Asia –South Asia -1000), funded by world Bank, Pertains to the field of:
  • Eradication and Building
  • Electricity
  • Road s and Building
  • Eradication of illiteracy
  1. The Word FTP stands for:
  • File Transmit provision
  • File translate protocol
  • File transfer provision
  • File Transfer Protocol

Answer – D

  1. RAM Stands for:
  • Random Access memory
  • Read Access Memory
  • Random Attribute Memory
  • Random Applicable Memory
  1. Which of the following is also known as brain of computer?
  • Monitor
  • Arithmetic Logic unit (ALU)
  • Control Unit
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  1. A technique in which data is written to two duplicate disks simultaneously, is called:
  • Mirroring
  • Multiplexing
  • Duplicating
  • Copying
  1. CAD Stands For?
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Computer Application in Design
  • Coded algorithm in Design
  • Coded addressable Design
  1. Which of the following is NOT covered by the Employees Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provision Act, 1952?
  • Pension
  • Provident Fund
  • Deposit Linked Insurance
  • Injury Compensation
  1. Which of the following is the earliest to be constituted?
  • Press Council of India
  • United News Network
  • NAM News Network
  • Press Trust Network

Link to download Question Paper: 

UPSC APFC Question Paper 1 UPSC APFC Question Paper 2

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