RBI Assistant Previous year Old Question Paper 2013, 2014 & 2015 Pdf

By | August 23, 2017

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RBI Assistant Previous Year Question Paper Download PDF: The RBI Assistant Previous year question paper will be very important for those candidates have successfully applied for this post. We are going to talk about RBI Assistant Previous year papers as well model question paper of RBI Assistant on this article.

You can check full detail regarding RBI Assistant exam such as exam pattern and syllabus, previous year papers, Model Question Paper on this web portal. The Previous year question paper of RBI Assistant will be very important for all candidates, who are going to participate in RBI Assistant grade Examination.

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RBI Assistant Previous year Question Paper Pdf download

The Reserve Bank of India holds the examination for the post of assistant every year. Every year the examination is being held in different parts of the state. The examinations are a bit tough to crack.

Therefore, the students are advised to prepare well by referring the RBI Assistant Grade B previous year Question paper Pdf set and study hard. The recruitment for the post assistant is done through the examination. The RBI i.e. reserve bank of India through notification has more than 400 posts vacancies for the aspirants.

The assistant previous years question paper set is being provided on the site of the RBI. All that the students need to do is check the website and collect the RBI Assistant Previous year question Papers in Hindi set.

The previous years question paper set has been helpful for many candidates in preparing for the exam and do well. The previous year question papers of RBI Assistant have certain types of questions which are easy and also tough to solve.

Having these question paper set and practicing the set may make it easy for the aspirants to do well in the examination.

RBI Assistant Exam Syllabus RBI Assistant Exam Study Material
RBI Assistant Model Paper RBI Assistant Study Plan [Tips & Tricks]

RBI Assistant Model Sample and Solved Question Paper Pdf with solutions

The students are advised to download the question paper from the website of the RBI i.e. Reserve Bank of India. The RBI Assistant Model Question Paper shall help the students in understanding what kind of questions shall come in the exam and what are the methods for solving the paper.

The RBI Assistant Previous year Papers is widely divided into categories like reasoning, mental ability, speed, weight and measures etc. So, the students who practice the paper, it becomes easy for them to solve the tests.

The students will have to go to the online website of the RBI which is www.rbi.org. After going to the website the students are supposed to go to the section Reserve bank of India (RBI) previous year question papers. And click on the download button.

How to download RBI Assistant Previous year Question Paper with Answers Pdf

The RBI Assistant previous year Paper is available in PDF format, so the students will have to solve the questions and take the paper in the provided format. Now you can download the paper and also share it with your friends.

The candidates are advised to download it the PDF format which is one of the best formats. Having these RBI Old year question Papers and practicing shall help the students in giving the exam tension free and also in a better way.

This will surely help the students in knowing what kinds of questions are asked and how to solve the paper within the given timeframe.

  • Interested candidates need to visit the official web page of Reserve Bank of India.
  • After reached official web page, need to search “ question paper” link
  • Click on that link and fill basic details such as Registration ID or Password
  • Click on “Submit” button and now you see download link will be available on official web page
  • Download previous year papers from this link

Some Solved Question and Answers for RBI Assistant exam:

  1. In Certain Code language BRIDGE is written as DUKGIH and NUMBER is written as PXOEGU. How will CUSTOM be written in same code language?
  • None of these
  1. Ashima ______ her team with a lot of skills and the _____increase in the sales by the team is measure of her success?
  • Dominates, Poor
  • Condemns, sudden
  • Manages, significant
  • Directs, worthless
  1. One being asked for the passport, he ____to his dismay that her had ____to bring it along with him to the airport?
  • Shocked, Failed
  • Realized, forgotten
  • Pleaded, neglected
  • Understood, Lost
  • Recognized, Missed
  1. What will be the value of 26 % of 1/15 of sum of the five times of 45 and 2 times of 60?
  • 98
  • 98
  • 98
  • 89
  1. The sum of the height of Gita and Rita is equal to 160 cm. The Height of Sita is equal to three times he height is 39 cms. What will be heights of Gita? Sita and Rita altogether?
  • 257 cms
  • 277 cms
  • 267 cms
  • 287 cms
  1. The Abbreviation EMV Stands for?
  • European Marginal VAT
  • Expected Monetary Value
  • Essential Monthly voucher
  • Europay, Master card and Visa
  1. What is the Maximum loan limit under the reserved Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme for technical Up gradation by the government of India?
  • 10 Lakh
  • 40 Lakh
  • 78 Lakh
  • 100 Lakh
  • 150 Lakh
  1. Who among the following cannot be a partnership firm?
  • Manager of Hindu undivided Family
  • Another Partnership Firm
  • Non – Citizen
  • A Minor
  • Anyone not disqualified by law from entering into contract
  1. To change select text all capital letter, click the change case button, then click?
  • UPPER Case
  • Lock UPPER
  • Large Size
  1. Where are you likely to find an embedded operating system?
  • On a desktop operating system
  • On a networked PC
  • On a PDA
  • On a Mainframe

Link to Download RBI Assistant Question Paper:

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