Punjab PSTET Previous Year Question Papers with Answers Pdf Download

By | September 3, 2017

Punjab TET previous year question papers with Answers pdf download: In Punjab in order to make recruitment of the post of teacher in various schools the authority of TET takes charge. In order to be eligible under this authority, you have to sit through a process of examination that is conducted by this authority.

The examination is designed in a way that the caliber and the knowledge of the student can be judged properly and there should be no doubt of the caliber of the student. So in order to ensure there a process of examination is conducted. In the examination, you have to make sure that you attempted the paper.

Before the examination make use of the right books that has all the content and give the exam. The aim should be come up with a good grade with proper knowledge.

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PSTET Previous year Question paper Pdf download

The Punjab Education board release Punjab TET Exam notification on official web page. Those applicants are showing up your interest in Teacher eligibility Test (TET) examination, then go to official web page and fill PSTET Online application form.

After filled PSTET application form, candidates are worried about how to prepare PSTET Entrance examination. Here we are providing  PSTET Exam study material such as PSTET Previous year Question paper Pdf, Punjab TET Exam Question paper Pdf, Punjab TET Old Question paper Pdf, and others.

PSTET Exam Syllabus and Pattern PSTET Model Papers Pdf
PSTET Exam Tips and Tricks PSTET Study Material

How to download Punjab TET Previous year, sample and Model Question paper Pdf

It is only with the help of a good grade that you will be given a job opportunity. Only doing a good preparation is not enough. In order to clear it is must that that are also aware of the pattern of the examination.

The pattern of the examination will be able to tell you the time that will be taken to complete the exam various other things. Let us now go to the steps that will direct us to previous year question paper:

  1. The first step will be to make use of the official website https://www.tetpunjab.com. On the website, you will be able to get all the authentic and latest information. This information must be very beneficial for you.
  2. Once the website will open on the computer screen you will see a number of options. All these options contain one or the other kind of important information. You must make sure that you check all and keep yourself updated properly.
  3. Now look for the link that will read TET previous year paper. Soon the link will open on the computer screen will see all the papers with year mentioned on its display.
  4. Now you can use these papers by taking out a print out of these papers or you can simply download them and keep them on your computer screen. It will be best to make use of these papers only after the completion of all the preparation. It is only then you will be able to answer the questions. After the completion of the paper, you can check the answers with ones that are uploaded on the website.

Some Solved Questions and Answers:

  1. Saffron is produced in India in
  • Assam
  • Bengal
  • Gujarat
  • Jammu and Kashmir
  1. What is common o fakir Azizuddi, diwan moti Ram and claude auguste court:
  • They were astronomers of considerable reputation
  • They were employed by Maharaja Ranjit Singh
  • They were soldiers of fortune
  • All of these
  1. When the government was faced with custom that were different to the laws that is enacted it allowed them to exist under of “customary law” custom here was defined as?
  • Something that has been practiced since “time immemorial”
  • A practice on which was social unanimity
  • A belief that was backed by the Khaps
  • A practice that was part of history of the people
  1. The Science that deals with the study of the earth and its lands, features, inhabitants, and phenomena is called:
  • Paleontology
  • Geography
  • Biology
  • Sociology
  1. “Where the mind is without fear” were line by?
  • Mahatma Gandhi
  • Swami Vivakananda
  • Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore
  • Sardar Bhagat Singh
  1. The name of the regent who reigned for akbar was?
  • Humayun
  • Babur
  • Bayram khan
  • Salim
  1. The angle of elevation of the sum when the length of a shadow of a vertical pole is equal to its?
  • 60 Degree
  • 45 Degree
  • 90 Degree
  • 180 Degree
  1. Sum of a number of two digits and the number obtained by reversing the digits of the first number is 110. If the difference of the digits is 4, then the number is:
  • 62
  • 73
  • 84
  • 51
  1. A and B can do a piece of work in 4 days and A lone can dot in 12 days. In how many days B alone can do this work?
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  1. A man travels some distance at a speed of 12 km/hr and returns at 9km/hr. if the total time taken by him is 2 hrs 20 minute, the distance is:
  • 18 Km
  • 14 km
  • 13 km
  • 12 Km

PSTET Question Paper Download Pdf: 

Paper I Paper II
Set A Set A
Set B Set B
Set C Set C
Set D Set D

Punjab TET  Psychology Question Paper Pdf: 

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Paper 3 Paper 4
Paper 5 Paper 6
Paper 7  Paper 8

PSTET Exam Study Material download: 

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Logical Reasoning General English
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