OSSC Jr Assistant Previous year Question papers Pdf Download

By | August 7, 2017

OSSC Previous Year Question Paper Download Pdf:  We are going to talk about OSSC previous year Question papers with Answers for junior clerk, Junior assistant, Supply inspector and other Posts. Candidates can download Odisha SSC Junior assistant Previous year papers Pdf by the single click.

Those applicants have successfully filled OSSC Junior Clerk online application form, now time to check OSSC Model question papers as well as OSSC junior assistant last year question papers through official web portal.

Interested and eligible applicants must check OSSC Jr assistant old question paper pdf with solutions through our web portal www.puranepapers.in. The OSSC Junior assistant Exam syllabus and pattern will be also updated on our web page as very soon.

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OSSC Junior assistant previous year Question papers with Answers Pdf

Odisha staff selection commission is an authority that makes recruitment of all the deserving candidates who wish to take up jobs in the various field of the Odisha management.  The Odisha staff selection commission (OSSC) was released OSSC Previous year question papers for the junior assistant on official web page.

The selection is made after a process of examination that is followed by a round of interview. There are a number of different kinds of posts and each post has its own job responsibilities and duties. If you wish to get a job in this field then you should make preparation for the examination.

OSSC Junior Assistant Solved Question paper download

The applied candidates must download OSSC Jr assistant previous year papers pdf by this web content. The first step will be to apply for the job with the help of the online mode and then start the preparation.

There is a lot of OSSC Exam study material that is available in the market with the entire syllabus that will come in the examination. After you have gone through the syllabus the next step will be to revise the syllabus.

OSSC Assistant commercial Tax officer previous year Question papers Pdf

The Odisha Staff Selection Commission (OSSC) board was released OSSC East Commercial Tax officer recruitment on an official web page for various posts. There are a huge number of applicants participated in this recruitment.

After filled online application form, candidates are searching OSSC Asst tax office exam previous year Question papers here and there. We are providing OSSC Assistant Commercial tax officer old Question papers on this content. Candidate can easily download previous year Question papers for Assistant commercial Tax officer exam through this web portal.

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OSSC Old, sample and Last year Question Papers Pdf download

The revision can be done with the help of the previous year papers. As per the name itself suggest that these are the papers that have been attempted by the candidates in the last few years. The OSSC syllabus of the paper will be the same as yours.

You have to refer to these papers in order to make an idea of the pattern of the examination, the distribution of marks and the time that will be taken to complete the paper. The OSSC Question Paper are easily available on the official website mentioned are the steps to be followed in order to get the paper:

  1. The first step will be to log into the official website of the authority. The official website is ossc.gov.in. On this website, you will be able to get an answer to all the quires that are there in your mind related to the examination. You should make it a point to visit this website on regular basis in order to ensure that you do not miss on any necessary update.
  2. Once the website will open on the homepage you will see clearly mentioned previous year paper. You have to click on it and the papers will soon open in the form of a PDF format.
  3. Now you have to obtain these papers which you can do with the help of downloading or by taking out a print out. After you have done it you attempt these papers and start with your practice for the examination.

Some Solved Questions and Answers:

  1. ————— Key combination that lets you toggle between open windows?
  1. When more than one window is open, to switch to the next window —– is the key combination?
  • CTRL+F5
  • CTRL+F6
  • CTRL+F7
  • CTRL+F8
  1. To select or unselect one word to the right?
  • CTRL+SHIFT+Down Arrow
  • CTRL + SHIFT + Right Arrow
  • None of these
  1. A simply supported beam of Length “L” acted upon by a couple of magnitude “M” at a Length of 2/3L from one of ends. The magnitude of maximum Bending moment in the beam is?
  • 1/3M
  • 2/3M
  • M
  • 3/2 M
  1. For a punch the maximum crushing stress is 4 times the maximum shearing stress of the plate in which a hole is to be made by punching. The Biggest, hole that can be punched in the plate of thicknesses” is of diameter equal to?
  • 4t
  • 2t
  • T
  • t/2
  1. A ball falls vertically for 2 seconds and hits a plane inclined at 30 degree to horizontal. If the co-efficient of restitution =0.75, the time that elapses before it again hits the inclined plane is
  • 3 seconds
  • 2 seconds
  • 3/2 seconds
  • 1 Seconds
  1. Identify, which of the following is an inversion of single slider crank chain?
  • Watt’s indicator mechanism
  • Beam engine mechanism
  • Whitworth quick-return motion mechanism
  • Ellipse Frammels
  1. A kinematic chain has “n” links. The Number of possible inversions is :
  • N
  • (N-1)
  • (N+1)
  • (N-2)
  1. If the element in a kinematic pair have line contact or point when in motion, the pair is called:
  • Lower Pair
  • Higher Pair
  • Closed Pair
  • Open Pair
  1. Persons took a loan of Rs. 1500 from his employer fro 3 months at 12 % per annum simple interest. The amount he has to return is:
  • 45
  • 1500
  • 1545
  • 1455
  1. A wholesaler allows a discount of 20 % on the list price to a retailer. The Retailer sellers at 8 % discount o the list price The profit percent o f the retailer is:
  • 20 %
  • 15 %
  • 12 %
  • 8 %
  1. A man purchased a bundle of cloth, with a list price of Rs. 20000, and a sales tax of 10% on it. He Paid Rs. 25000 to the shopkeeper. The Money he got back was:
  • 22000
  • 15000
  • 3000
  • 2000
  1. Which of the following measure (s) is /are used to determine the quality of a printer ——?
  • Dots printed in a minute
  • Dots per Inch
  • Dot-Per-Square- Inch
  • All of the above
  1. ——–is the mode we use to execute the instruction from a computer?
  • Sequential
  • Parallel
  • Both a and b
  • None of above
  1. Modern computer are reliable but they don’t have ——?
  • Fast
  • Powerful
  • Cheap
  • Self thinking

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