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By | September 29, 2017

NEST previous year question paper download PDF: Through this content, we are providing NEST previous year Question Papers with Answers pdf on our web page All applicants, who are searching NEST Old Question papers Pdf on the Internet. Then need to visit official webpage as well as our web page.

Here you can download NEST Previous year solved question papers pdf by fill Login Id and Password. The main Purpose of the is to provide all exam question papers in Pdf format without any charges. So Interested applicants must download NEST Last year question papers by this web content

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NEST previous year Question Papers with solution free download

The National Entrance Screening Test is conducted with the intention of selecting students for the admission in National Institute of Science and Research, Bhubaneswar and Center for Excellence in Basic Sciences, Mumbai. These two institutes use this NEST exam for selecting the students for their institute. This exam is conducted every year. The applicants can download

These two institutes use this NEST exam for selecting the students for their institute. This exam is conducted every year. The applicants can download NEST Previous year Question papers with solutions by this web portal.

Students who are willing to join these colleges can apply for the exam by online. You can get the notifications regarding the exam through online itself. This exam is conducted with the intention to choose students for their undergraduate programmers.

NEST Last year Question Paper Download

Students can apply for the exam. You can login to the official website This site provides you with proper information regarding the examination. You can login to the website after December to get the details of the examination. There is brochure provided on the site. The brochure is more than enough to learn about the details of the exam.

Candidates can download NES Sample papers with solution Pdf. You can also get the NET Exam Syllabus from the official website itself. There are regular updates regarding the site. So you need not worry about any details of the exam. You can always refer to the site for any kind of details you may need.

NEST Old Solved Question Papers with Solution pdf download

You can go for crash courses for your preparation. If you decide to sit at home and prepare for the exam you need full concentration. Only if you have full concentration you can win the exam successfully and be placed in the specific institutes. Since this exam is conducted all over the nation at stretch you must understand the completion of the exam and prepare accordingly. You must be confident in writing your answers. So you need that much preparation. To prepare at your maximum you can get the NEST question paper 2013 and solve it.

Steps to Download the NEST Last year Question papers with Answers Pdf:

To get the past question papers you can follow the following steps. The NEST Last year Question Paper are available on the official website itself. So you can follow the following steps and get the question paper easily.

  • Log in to the official website mentioned above.
  • You will be there on the home page.
  • Scroll down the screen.
  • You have the option as previous year question papers.
  • On the homepage itself, you have the question papers mentioned with years.
  • Just click the year you need the question paper.
  • You can get the question paper now on your computer.
  • If you want you can also download the answers and save it.

Some Solved Questions and Answers:

  1. A star S is being obtained by a Planet P such that planet rotates around itself once every 0.1 earth days. It is observed that P complete 196 rotations around itself by the time it completes 1 revolution around S. if the planet’s sense of rotation and revolution is in same direction, its orbital period (in earth days) would be?
  • 6
  • 5
  • 7
  • 8
  1. A free-following river originating in Nilgiri mountain range and following downstream will have the largest contribution of nutrients from?
  • Chemoautotrophic bacteria eroded from the soil
  • Minerals from the underlying bedrock
  • Dead leaves and other organic matter collected along the flow
  • Photosynthesis activity phytoplankton and floating aquatic plants
  1. On a playground, some men were playing football. In that group, 5 Men were grandfather of someone else in the group, 15 men were fathers of someone else in the group and 15 men were sons of someone else in the group, What is the minimum number of men on the playground?
  • 20
  • 25
  • 30
  • 35
  1. If one desire to ensure that widows of the house act as good insulator of heat, the recommended strategy from the following list would be?
  • Double pane glass without any gap in between
  • Double pane glass with water in between.
  • Double pane glass with water air in between
  • Double pane glass with transparent polythene in between
  1. Data collected in surveys can be classified as wither qualitative of quantitative. Mathematical operation can be performed on quantitative data but not on qualitative data. The data from the following list, which can be deemed as quantitative is?
  • Age of the respondents
  • Phone number of the respondent
  • Gender of the respondent
  • PIN code of the respondent
  1. The Element that was discovered from the solar spectra before it was isolated on earth is
  • Helium
  • Lithium
  • Beryllium
  • Argon
  1. The scientist who pioneered India’s space programme is?
  • Meghand Sahha
  • P.J. Abdul Kalam
  • Jayant Narlikar
  • Vikram Sarabhai
  1. A girl his normal vision during the day cannot see clearly in dim light. The Vegetable that would be the most effective in helping her to overcome the problem is?
  • Green peas
  • Cucumber
  • Spinach
  • Capsicum
  1. Which of the following sentence represent a “ hypothesis”
  • The Bicycle tyre has a puncture
  • Bicycle tyres must be inflated for riding the bicycle
  • When I filled air in the bicycle tyre, the tyre did not inflate
  • If a bicycle tyre is flat, then it must have a leak in it.
  1. Recently, Prof. C.N.R. Rao was awarded the “ Bharat Ratna”. His primary research work is in the field of?
  • Material Science
  • Statistics
  • Space Science
  • Particle Physics

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