MH CET MBA Sample Papers with Answers 2016 Question Paper

By | September 29, 2017

The MH-CET Sample papers pdf link will be released on our web content Those applicants are going to participate in MH CET MBA Entrance exam, must download MH MBA CET Sample papers as well as MBA CET Sample Question papers Pdf through this content. We are providing MH CET MBA Model & Sample Question Papers pdf with answers through this content. All candidates, who are showing up you’re interested in downloading CET MBA last year question papers must check our previous content.

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MH CET MBA Sample Papers with Answers pdf download

The professional courses will be possible to learn by the students only when they have completed their school education. The UG courses should be selected with sense. The reason is that they should not choose them without any interest.

And there are many numbers of the educational institution is available for the students, so they will not get difficult when they think to join in the college.The term MH CET is nothing but the Maharashtra Common Entrance Test.

This examination is conducted for the students who are available in that state.  Appeared candidates must download MBA CET Sample papers pdf by this content. The students who have completed their school education can look after this University to get the UG courses.

The University is providing various courses to the students. This will conduct the entrance examination for the students who come forward to get the admission. The exam will be conducted every year without fail. Those who have interested to join in this college can make use of it.

MH CET MBA 2015 2014 and 2013 Sample papers pdf download

The students who prefer to appear for the MH CET examination will have many queries. It is nothing but, they want to know how to prepare for the examination. The reason is that they can get to know that the question paper will not be very easy to write.

They have to make their preparation stronger. For that, they can make use of the exam syllabus and pattern. It will be helpful to know more about the subject deals with the question paper. And then, they can get the previous year question paper for the exam. It will be available for all courses. It is gettable to the students.

 How to download MH CET Model Last year solved Papers Pdf

The previous year question paper is one of the important things to be considered during the exam preparation. The reason is that the MH CET MBA Sample papers pdf will be very helpful to know more about the questions which are framed for the examination. They can also easily download the question paper. The question paper will be varied based on their course which they select. Here we are going to discuss the downloading steps for MH CET Previous year papers.

  • Open the official website of this University,
  • In this site, click on the previous year question paper link.
  • Select the course which you are going to write the entrance examination.
  • The list of question paper will be displayed.
  • Choose the year which they want to download.
  • Click the download option to download the question paper.

Some Solved questions and Answers:

  1. Ajit can complete a piece of work in 60 days whereas kailash and shailendra working together can complete it in 15 days. When Ajit and Shailendra alternately works for a day each. The work gets completed in 40 days. Then the number of days in which kaliash will complete twice the work is?
  • 30
  • 40
  • 52
  • 60
  • None of these
  1. A and B run a 1560 m race ending in a dead heat. At first, the speed of A and B are in the ratio 7: 5 B then quickness his pace and for the remainder of teh race runs 40 percent faster than A. How many meters a run Before B Quickness his pace?
  • 650
  • 780
  • 910
  • 900
  • None of these
  1. In triangle ABC, AB= 3 cm, AC = 4cm and the length of the median AD to the side BC is 3.5cm, then the side BC is equal to?
  • 1
  • 25
  • 5
  • Cannot be determined
  • None of these
  1. The cost price of an article is Rs. 16. The percentage of profit when calculated on the selling price is numerically equal to the selling price. Then the selling price of the article is?
  • 20
  • 40
  • 80
  • Both a and b
  • None of these

Direction for Questions 5 to 9: Sentence is given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word. Five alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternatives?

  1. A poor man ————— I knew nurses the orphan?
  • What
  • That
  • Who
  • Which
  • Whom
  1. My father can’t —————-very well he’s slightly deaf.
  • Listen
  • Grasp
  • Recall
  • Understand
  • Hear
  1. Many __________ of wildlife are becoming instinct.
  • Specimens
  • Species
  • Examples
  • Brands
  • Makes
  1. Being an opportunist of the first order, he is still sitting on the fence and is trying and is typing to weigh the __________ of the various political parties?
  • Proposal
  • Prospects
  • Perspectives
  • Possibilities
  • Purpose
  1. To say that science is either good or bad is irrelevant because science is in the mind of man, and it does not have any __________ apart from the mind of man.
  • Relevance
  • Existence
  • Meaning
  • Essence
  • None of these
  1. What is the cost paid by Eskimo to make an igloo with a sheet of canvas? Base radius of the tent = 7m and cost of canvas = 25/sq.m.
  • 8000
  • 7700
  • 7000
  • 5500
  • None of these

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MH CET Subject wise Question Paper: 

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