Kerala KMAT Previous year Question Papers with Answers free download Pdf

By | August 5, 2017

KMAT Previous Year Question Paper Download: Now we are going to provide KMAT Previous year Question papers with solution pdf link on this web page.  Through this content, we are providing KMAT old question papers, KMAT Model question papers, KMAT Sample Question Papers and others on our web page Interested and Appearing candidates must download KMAT Old Question papers Pdf for MBA by this web portal.

KMAT Previous year Question papers free download pdf

The students are very mean in selecting their professional courses. The reason is that they have to make their career options in an effective way. So, they will never compromise with the ordinary courses. Due to this reasons, many students are learning under the engineering courses.

The engineering courses will be very helpful to the students to make their career. Since they have plenty of job vacancies are available for the engineering courses. Thus the student will not get any difficulties in joining in the engineering courses. The UG engineering course will be easily done by the students. But it is not same in PG course. They have to undergo many restrictions in that.

Do you know the reasons to choose the engineering courses? It is nothing but, the engineering courses are one of the courses which have more scope while compared to any other studies. They can easily get the job vacancies for the engineering courses in the IT field.

Entrance Paper Engineering  Paper Medical Paper Bank Paper  

KMAT MBA Previous year solved Question papers download Pdf

So, there are many students are coming forward to take down this course. But to get seated in the best college, they have to undergo the common entrance examination. It is known as KMAT exam. It will be conducted every year without fail.

The engineering students will undergo many entrance examinations to get admitted to the best college. And likewise, this KMAT examination is especially conducted for the engineering students.

It is nothing but Karnataka Management Aptitude Test. This entrance examination is common to all engineering courses. The students will get the exam notification every year on the official website. The official website will provide the best information regarding the entrance examination.

 The official site of this exam is And then, they have to be sure to apply for the examination on or before the last date. If not so, they cannot appear in the examination.

How to download KMAT Model, Sample and Old Question Papers pdf

The students will look after the entrance examination once after they applied to it. In meanwhile time, they have to prepare for their examination. In the entrance examination, the students will be tested for their basic knowledge.

Here, in the Gate examination, the students come across their subject and Basic English language in the entrance examination. They have to score high marks in the exam. Only then they can get admission to the college. If they want to know about the examination, they can look after the KMAT Last year Question papers pdf in the official website.

  • Applied candidates need to visit official web page of KMAT
  • Then need to click on “previous year papers” link
  • Fill login Id and registration number and click on Submit button
  • Then click on download button and download it
  • Save on your personal drive for future use

Some Solved Questions and Answers for KMAT:

  1. What will be the difference between the simple interest and compound interest accrued on an amount of Rs. 19200/- at teh end of 3 years @ 12 %/year?
  • 722.6826
  • 802.5144
  • 862.6176
  • 798.1824
  • None of These
  1. A 240 Meters long train crosses a platform in 20 seconds. What is the speed of the Train?
  • 10 m/sec
  • 12 m/sec
  • 18 m/sec
  • Cannot be determined
  • None of these
  1. The number obtained after interchanging the two digits of a two digit number is greater than the original number by 9. If the sum of the two digits of the number of 13 What is teh original Number?
  • 67
  • 58
  • 76
  • Cannot be determined
  1. The Averages of the ages of a man and his daughter is 34. If the respective ratio of their ages four years from now is 14:5. What is the daughter?
  • 12
  • 18
  • 10
  • Cannot be determined
  • None of these
  1. What is the least square number exactly divisible by 4, 5. 6. 12. 15. 18 and 36?
  • 2250
  • 3600
  • 2500
  • 900
  • None of these
  1. Three Cubes of iron, whose sides are 6cm, 8cm and 10 cm respectively, are melted and formed into a single cube. The edge of the new cube formed is?
  • 18cm
  • 12cm
  • 15cm
  • 14cm
  • None of these
  1. A single discount equivalent to two successive discounts of 18 % and 20 % is?
  • 36 %
  • 35%
  • 60%
  1. Which of the following is in descending order?
  • 17/19, 19/21. 13/17
  • 19/21, 17/19, 13/17
  • 19/21, 11/17, 17/19
  • 13/17, 17/19, 19/21
  1. How many meaningful English Words can be made with the letter ESDO using each letter only once in each word?
  • None
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • None of these
  1. In certain code GUIDE is written as 49132 and BEAM is written as 8257. How is IMAGE written in that code?
  • 17542
  • 15742
  • 27541
  • 18542

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