IIT JAM Previous year Question Papers Pdf Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

By | August 7, 2017

IIT JAM Previous Year Question Paper Download: The IIT JAM previous year question Paper Pdf link will be released on official web page. Interested and eligible candidates have successfully applied for this entrance exam, now they are searching IIT JAM MCA previous year papers Pdf on the internet. The IIT JAM MCA previous year question paper pdf was released on the official web page of CBSE.

IIT JAM Previous year question Papers for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics

The IIT JAM MCA is held for the admitting the students in the two-year course of M.Sc. M.Sc. – Ph.D. Dual Degree Joint M.Sc.-PhD and other Post-Bachelor’s Degree programs.

The Indian Institute of Technology and the Integrated Ph.D. programs invites the admissions of bright students in the field of science and technology in their privileged institutions.

Candidates must download IIT JAM Physics previous year question paper pdf by fill Login ID and Password on official web page.

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The paper contains MCQ’s relating to the Post-Bachelor’s Degree programs Biological Sciences (BL), and Computer Applications (CA). A negative mark of 1/3 will be deducted for every wrong answer. The paper should be given using a ball black pen by filling the required bubbles in an ORS i.e. objective response sheet.

IIT JAM previous year Solved Question Papers with Answers

The candidate must read all the instructions given in the ORS carefully as the sheet is checked through electronic mode. The other papers are also partially objective as well as descriptive. All the 6 test examinations are held in this way and a JAM previous year papers are provided to the students. There is no provision of a supplementary answer sheet.

The paper consists of MCQ’s, Fill ups and subjective as well as descriptive questions. 20% weight age is given to the MCQ’s, 30% to the fill in the blanks and 50% to the subjective type questions. Out of the four options provided in the question, only one answer must be selected. Each question carries 2 marks each. The IIT JAM mathematics previous year question papers will be very important for any students who are going to participate in this entrance examination.

IIT JAM M.sc Exam Syllabus IIT JAM Exam Study Material
Best Preparation books for IIT JAM IIT JAM Model Paper Pdf

For admission in the recognized universities, the candidate shall have at least 60% of the aggregate marks in the bachelor’s degree. This is applicable for the general category students. The SC/ST candidates are required to score at least 50% and above for admission in the recognized institutions and universities.

After the results are out, the students who have qualified the examination may apply for IIT Delhi as it is the main regulatory institute for the conduct of this examination. The candidate must specify his preferences in the application form.

JAM Model, Sample and Practice previous year question Papers

The various institutes that consider this test for admission purposes are as follows: IIT Bombay (IITB), IIT Guwahati (IITG), IIT Kharagpur (IITKgp), IIT Madras (IITM), IIT Roorkee (IITR), IIT Delhi (IITD), IIT Delhi (IITD).

The previous year question papers of IIT JAM MCA are available on the official website of the institution. The candidates must download the IIT JAM Previous year papers for MCA from the online sites available in order to know the examination pattern, variety of questions and other important details regarding the examination. The previous year papers act as a guideline for the students as it helps the students in preparing well for the examination.

Some Solved Questions and Answers for JAM:

  1. In the binding of oxygen to hemoglobin, a plot of the fractional saturation of hemoglobin versus the partial pressure of oxygen can best be described as?
  • Hyperbolic
  • Sigmoidal
  • Linea with a negative slope
  • Linear with a positive slope
  1. Which of the following acids can be used as one of the components in a buffer?
  • Nitric Acid
  • Sulfuric Acid
  • Acetic Acid
  • Hydrochloric
  1. The Bacteria the require “specialized nutrients for growth”, which can be difficult to meet in the laboratory, are called?
  • Facultative
  • Obligate
  • Fastidious
  • Non-Fermentor
  1. An individual’s HLA haplotype is?
  • One allele at each MHC Class I locus
  • The individual’s class I antigen type
  • One allele at each MHC Class II Locus
  • The individual’s complete set of MHC Alleles
  1. Monoglycerides and long chain fatty acids are absorbed in the intestine. How are these molecules transported to the circulating capillary blood?
  • In the form of chylomicrons through lymphatic duct
  • Direct and facilitated diffusion
  • Primary active transport
  • Secondary active transport via a career protein
  1. Biomedical importance of Specialized transduction in bacteria is due to the?
  • Acquisition of Hfr toxin plasmid
  • Transfer of genes for toxin production
  • Transfer of genes for capsule formation
  • Incorporation of jumping
  1. The “Symplast Pathway” transport in a typical plant system does NOT Involve?
  • Plasmodesmata
  • Transport proteins in Plasma membrane
  • Cell well and intercellular space
  • Cytoplasm

Link To download JAM Subject wise question Papers: 

IIT JAM Chemistry Question paper year wise:

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JAM Chemistry 2009 JAM Chemistry 2010
JAM Chemistry 2011                   JAM Chemistry 2012
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IIT JAM Physics Question paper year wise:

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JAM Physics 2009 JAM Physics 2010
JAM Physics  2011               JAM Physics 2012
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IIT JAM Mathematics Question paper year wise:

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JAM Mathematics 2009 JAM Mathematics  2010
JAM Mathematics  2011              JAM Mathematics 2012
JAM Mathematics  2013 JAM Mathematics 2014
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