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By | August 7, 2017

IIFT Previous Year Question Paper PDF Download: The IIFT Model Question papers pdf link will be released on our web page www.puranepapers.in Those applicants are searching IIFT Entrance exam model question paper Pdf here and there on the internet. You can check full update regarding IIFT MBA Entrance exam 2016 such as IIFT entrance sample Question paper Pdf, IIFT Practice Set papers and IIFT Mock Test Series and others.

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IIFT Model Question papers with Answer Pdf download

IIFT is the institute of foreign trade. In order to be a part of this industry you have to give the entrance exam and on the basis of the score of your entrance exam the selection will be made. You have to first apply for the examination with the help of the online mode and then start the preparation of the examination. There is enough material available in the market for the preparation. You can go through and pick to buy the one that is most suggested.

One key rule that you must follow is that after you are done with the preparation you revise the syllabus by attempting the previous year paper. With the help of this revision, you will be sure that you are aware of each and everything that will come in the examination. These IIFT Previous year Question papers are very easily viable on the official website. Let us study the steps that you can follow in order to get these papers:

IIFT MBA Exam Syllabus IIFT MBA Exam Study Material
Best Books for IIFT Exam IIFT Exam Past Paper 

Download IIFT Mock, Model, and Sample Question paper Pdf

  1. The first step is to open the official website. On this website, the papers uploaded soon after the examination id done. You will be able to find more than one paper on the website. All these papers will contain a different kind of question but the pattern of the paper will be the same. These papers are for practice and also for the purpose of revision.
  2. On the website, you will get to read a lot of different kind of options you can choice to open the option that reads previous year paper and then the papers will open. You can download the papers and save on the computer screen or you can take out a print out of it and use it for the purpose of practice.
  3. When you are using these papers you have to keep two things in mind. One that you have to use these papers once your preparation is done and secondly makes sure that you match the answers that you have written with the correct answers. In this way, you will be able to grade your performance better. The more you practice these papers the better will be marks that you will get in the examination. You start with the preparation a number of days before the examination. Plan your preparation well according to the syllabus and according to the availability of time.

Some Solved Questions and Answers:

  1. In the following series, what number should replace the questions marks?

-1,0,1, 0,2,4, 1,6,9,2, 12,16, ?, ?, ?

  • 11, 18, 27
  • -1,0, 3
  • 3, 20, 25
  • Cannot be ascertained
  1. Gita is older than her cousin Mita. Mita’s brother bhanu is older than Gita. When Mita and Bhanu are visiting Gita , all three like to play a game of Monoploly. Mita wins more often then Gita Does. Which of the following can be conducted from the above?
  • When he plays Monopoly with Mita and Gita. Bhanu ofthen loses
  • Of the three, Gita is the oldest
  • Gita hates to lose at Monopoly
  • Of the three, Mita is the youngest
  1. The Answer sheets of 5 engineering students can be checked by any one of 9 professors. What is the probability that all the 5 Answer sheets are checked by exactly 2 professors?
  • 20/2187
  • 40/2187
  • 40/279
  • None of above
  1. The Probability that in a household LPG will last 60 days or more is 0.8 and that it will last at most 90 days is 0.6. The Probability that the LPG will last 60 to 90 days is
  • 40
  • 50
  • 75
  • None of these
  1. In circular field, there is a rectangular tank of length 130m and breadth 110m. If the area of the land portion of the field is 20350m^2 then the radius of the field is?
  • 85 m
  • 95m
  • 105m
  • 115m
  1. The perimeter of a right hand triangle measures 234m and the hypotenuse measures 97m. then the other two sides of the triangle are measured are?
  • 100m and 37m
  • 72m and 65 m
  • 80m and 57m
  • None of above

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Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3
Paper 4 Paper 5 Paper 6

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General English General Knowledge

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