ICET Previous year Question Papers { 2002 to 2015} download- AP & TS

By | August 31, 2017

ICET Previous Year Question Paper Download

ICET previous year question papers with solution pdf will be updated on the official web page of AP ICET. Every year, a huge number of applicants are participating AP ICET entrance examination. All applicants, who are searching AP ICET Previous year question papers pdf here and there, then must need to visit our web portal as well as an official web page.

The ICET previous year question papers with the key will be very important for all candidates who are searching study material of ICET. The ICET previous year papers with solutions link were released on official web page. You can download ICET last year question papers pdf download by this link.

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ICET previous year question papers with solutions download

ICET is the integrated common entrance test for getting admission in MBA & MCA College in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana state. Those candidates, who are searching news regarding ICET Entrance examination, must check Latest info regarding ICET Test by this web portal. This is a common entrance test that is conducted in different regions. All those candidates who wish to take up admission in various courses can sit for this test. All candidates, who want to download AP ICET previous year solved question papers pdf, must check our web portal

 A number, of course, are covered under this examination. If you wish to sit for this test you have to make sure that you do a good preparation. The preparation should be done with the help of good quality books and latest study material. As per the advice of the experts, one of the best ways is to make use of the ICET Previous year solved papers. These papers will give you an idea of the pattern of the question paper and the way of tempting the paper. Now the next question that will come to your mind is that from where should you get these papers.

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TS ICET Previous year question Papers Pdf download

The Kakatiya University, Warangal will be released TSICET Entrance exam notification on official web page. Interested and eligible candidates have successfully applied for this post.  After completed online application form, candidates need to searching TS ICET previous year question papers pdf as well as syllabus and pattern on here and there. We are providing the full update regarding TSICET Exam study material such as ICET previous year papers and others.

AP ICET Previous year Question Papers with solution Pdf download:

AP ICET is the integrated Common Entrance test for admission into MBA and MCA regular courses offered by state universities and Professional colleges under the Jurisdiction of AP state council of Higher education for the academic year 2016-17. The candidates are looking AP ICET Previous question papers Pdf as well as other study material.

ICET Last-year-old solved question Paper pdf download

Then the answer is that you can gather these papers from the website of ICET. Every year soon after the examination, the papers are uploaded for the reference of the student of the next batch. Anyone can visit the website and obtain all the necessary information. It is very simple to use the website and the steps that are involved are very clearly mentioned on the website so there is no chance of any confusion.

  1. The first step will be to visit the official website of the authority. You can make use of a fast working internet connection for the best results. Once the website will open the next steps that are to be taken will be very easy to understand.
  2. One on a homepage of the website you will be able to see a number of options. Out of all the options, you can click on the option that reads previous year papers. Soon you do this on the screen of the computer a list will open with years mentioned on it.
  3. You can pick to open any one and check. Thereafter the next question will be how to get these papers? You can get theses papers by taking out a print out of the papers or you can download the papers and keep with yourself for your use.
  4. Now make sure that after preparing you to practice these papers enough and aim at getting a good score. It is best to make use of these papers once all the preparation is done.

Download Some Solved Question Papers for ICET Entrance Exam: 

  1. If a pump takes 6 hours to fill 3/7th of a cistern, the total time required to completely fill the cistern (in hours) is?
  • 14
  • 13
  • 12
  • 11
  1. A tank can be filled by one tap in 20 minute and by another in 25 minute . If both the tapes are opened for 5 minute and then the second tap is turned off, how many more minute the tank is completely filled?
  • 12
  • 11
  • 9
  • 6
  1. A Certain amount of money deposit for compound interest become 4 times in 4 years. In how many years will that amount be 64 times the deposited amount if it is given for the same rate of interest?
  • 18
  • 16
  • 15
  • 12
  1. The Perimeter of rhombus is 100cm and one its diagonals is 40 cm. The area of rhombus is Sq cm is?
  • 400
  • 500
  • 600
  • 800
  1. The lengths of parallel sides of a trapezium are 20m and 35m and the distance between is 8m. The area of the trapezium in sq m is:
  • 110
  • 220
  • 330
  • 440
  1. The ratio of the weights of three solid spheres is 8:27:64. The Ratio of their diameter is:
  • 1:2:3
  • 1:3:4
  • 2:4:6
  • 4:6:8
  1. A cylinder and a cone have the same height and the radius of the base. The Ratio between the volumes of the cylinder and the cone is:
  • 2:1
  • 3:1
  • 2:3
  • 3:2
  1. The side of a cube is 5 cm. Its total surface area in Sq. cm is?
  • 30
  • 90
  • 150
  • 200
  1. The least 3 digit positive number x such that x= 3 (mod8) is?
  • 105
  • 107
  • 108
  • 115
  1. The Set of an integral solution of the equation x+8=9 (mod2) is?
  • 2 Z
  • 3Z
  • Z-3Z
  • Z-2Z
  1. The number of division of 36000 is?
  • 30
  • 72
  • 640
  • 720
  1. Short-term advance provided by a bank to a current account holder is called?
  • Demand Draft
  • Hand Loan
  • Over Draft
  • Margin Draft
  1. The Organization which enables multilateral trade among countries is called?
  • World Bank
  • World trade organization
  • United Nations organization
  • International court
  1. The advent of mass production is ascribed to the period of
  • Second World War
  • Internet era
  • Copper age
  • Industrial Revaluation
  1. 10 years Redeemable bonds mean that at the end of the stipulated years the bond?
  • Is written off
  • Amount is paid and settled
  • Gets converted into shares
  • Can be pledged in  bank
  1. “Brooding over Past failures, he decided to commit suicide.”

Link To download ICET Question Paper Pdf: 

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