ICAR UG Previous year Question Papers Free download Pdf

By | May 26, 2017
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The Indian Council of agriculture Research (ICAR) organization will be released ICAR AIEEA UG Notification on official web page. There are a huge number of applicants participate in ICAR UG entrance exam for getting admission in further higher studies. The applying candidates must download ICAR UG Exam Syllabus and pattern 2016 by this web portal. Interested and eligible applicants must download with answers by our web portal www.puranepapers.in. We are also providing to direct link to download on this web content.

ICAR UG Previous year Questions Papers with Answer free download Pdf

ICAR is an examination that is given in order to take admission in various courses related to the field of agriculture. It is very simple to enroll for the ICAR UG (undergraduate) examination. You can make the enrollment with the help of the online mode. Soon after the enrollment is done you will be intimated of the date of the examination along with the syllabus and various other things.

You have to ensure that you gather all the information beforehand in order to ensure that you do not miss on any event. It is very important to start the preparation soon after the enrollment.  A huge number of applicants participate in ICAR UG examination, now they are worried about how to start the study of ICAR UG Exam. You can check previous year question papers of ICAR UG Entrance Exam through this web page.

ICAR AIEEA Exam Syllabus ICAR AIEEA Model Paper
ICAR AIEEA Exam Study Material ICAR AIEEA Exam Study Plan

ICAR AIEEA UG Exam last year solved model question paper pdf download

A good preparation will ensure that you are able to get a good score. One tip for a good result is that you should refer to the ICAR previous year papers with solutions. With the help of these papers, you will be able to get an idea of the kind of question paper that you will have to attempt. By doing this you will be more confident for sitting in the examination. You can be sure of a good score. Let us now have a glance at the steps that are involved for the gathering of the ICAR UG Question paper 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014:

  1. Your one-stop destination for this information is the official website of the authority. Since the website is the official portal so you can truly rely on it without any confusion any information that you get on the website has to be true without a doubt. Once you will open the website the first view that you will get is the homepage. It is the introductory page.
  2. Make sure that you go through the page carefully and look at all the options. The information that you need will store in the option that reads previous year paper. You can click on it and soon on the computer screen you will see a list of a number of papers display. You can choice to open any of them or practice. You can also make use of all of them depending on the availability of time.
  3. Once you have come across the paper make sure that you procure ICAR UG Entrance exam question paper year wise with yourself. You can take out a print out of it or you can download it and keep it safe on your computer screen for your reference. Practice the papers well before the main examination.

Some Solved Questions and Answers for ICAR UG Exam

  1. Which of the following statements about basal promoters is true?
  • Basal promoters can be located in the 3’UTR
  • Basal Promoters are necessary for enhancer trapping
  • Basal Promoters are necessary for heterologous expression
  • Basal promoters are sufficient for expression in the shoot apical meristem
  1. Which of the following is involved in seedless watermelon production?
  • Apomixes
  • Interspecific crosses
  • Tetraploidy
  • Apomixis and Interspecific crosses
  1. Which of the following is present on Ti Plasmid, but not on any component of a binary Vector system?
  • Vir Genes
  • GUS Genes
  • LB, RB
  • Opine Genes
  1. Star Link is most closely associated with which of the following terms?
  • CRY9
  • CRY1
  • Glyphosate
  • Event 176
  1. RAPD Molecular markers are
  • Recessive
  • Co-dominant
  • Dominant
  • Neutral
  1. Star Activity of restriction enzyme means?
  • It does not cut at any site
  • Is cuts at only one site
  • Its cuts the restriction site more efficiently
  • Due to change in ionic cons or other components it cuts at more site generating more number of fragments
  1. In the tissue culture disease resistance can be obtained by ?
  • Soma Clonal Variation
  • Meristem Culture
  • Anther Culture
  • Somatic Hybridisation
  1. Who gave the theory of Path coefficient?
  • Sewell Wright
  • Fisher
  • Haldance
  • Hazal
  1. Name of the scientist who defined selection as “Differential reproductive rate” ?
  • Hazal
  • Lush
  • Falconer
  • Lerener
  1. Selection procedure not widely used in poultry breeding is _______?
  • Individual selection
  • Family Selection
  • Progency testing
  • Sib Selection
  1. The Selection index Method was introduced in animal breeding by __?
  • Smith and Hazeel
  • Lerner
  • Lush
  • Comstock

Link To download ICAR UG Question Paper:

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