DCET Diploma Previous year Question Paper Pdf Download

By | August 14, 2017

DCET Previous Year Question Papers Download: The DCET Previous year Question paper link will be released on official web page. You can download DCET Previous year solved papers on our web portal www.puranepapers.in. Those applicants are searching DCET Model Question papers as well as a syllabus of DCET Exam must check this web portal.

DCET Previous year solved question paper Pdf download

The government of Karnataka introduced and organized Diploma Common Entrance Test (DCET) examination for all the students who have finished their diploma courses and wish to join any Under Graduate professional courses. Now, in 2016 an examination will be organized for the candidates who have completed their diploma and want to take in admission in 2nd year B tech courses.

All those candidates who have applied for the examination can check the syllabus, pattern of examination and previous years sample papers etc. which will help them to formulate their strategies and plans for clearing the examination.

Entrance Paper Bank Paper UPSC Paper SSC Paper

DCET syllabus 2016

There are total 3 subjects which are examined:

  • Applied science
  • Applied math
  • Third subject will be grounded on the branch of the diploma course taken by the candidate.

All the questions asked in the examination will be related to the diploma subjects of the candidate. More details of the syllabus can be acquired by the student from the official website of the DCET examination.

DCET Exam Pattern 2016 Pdf Download:

The mode of the examination will be offline. MCQs type questions will be asked. Total 180 questions will be asked in the exam i.e., each subject carries total 60 questions of 1 marks each. There will be no negative marking in this exam.

First 60 questions will be of physics and other 60 will be asked from mathematics and last 60 from the branch of the candidate. The total duration of the examination will be 3 hours.

KDCET Exam Syllabus KDCET Model Paper
KDCET Study Material KDCET Study Plan

DCET Old, Sample and Model Question Paper Pdf download

DCET Previous year papers Pdf and solutions can tremendously help the candidates to have an appropriate idea of the exam pattern, frequent questions asked, level of difficulty of the questions etc. Also by solving the sample papers and DCET model test papers, one can improve his/her efficiency in terms of building confidence in them and also learning the ability of time management. A candidate should download the DCET Exam Papers Pdf of previous years from various online links and sites which are available in abundance.

The questions asked in this examination are exactly the same which candidates have studied in their course of a diploma. So, the study material, books, notes of the diploma course can be of great help to the students. A candidate should solve the question papers by setting the time on the stopwatch as the only thing required to crack the exam is time management which can be improved effectively with this exercise. Various links offer the question papers with answers but a candidate should solve the questions firstly himself and at last, can cross check the same for clear understanding.

Some solved questions and Answer:

  1. One Pascal is equal to?
  • 10 dyne /Cm^2
  • 1 Dyne/Cm^2
  • 100 dyne/Cm^2
  • 1 dyne/Cm^2
  1. To calm download turbulent sea, sailors use oil to
  • Decrease surface tension
  • Increase surface tension
  • Decrease viscosity
  • Increase cohesive force
  1. Amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 1kg of water through 1 degree C is?
  • One calorie
  • One joule
  • One Kilo- Calorie
  • One Kilojoule
  1. In case of an idea gas, the value of pressure or volume co-efficient is?
  • 1/273
  • -1/273
  • 273
  • -273
  1. The distance travelled by the disturbance per unit time in a given direction is?
  • Wave amplitude
  • Wave velocity
  • Wave frequency
  • Wave Length
  1. The Rich quality of a musical note depend on
  • Fundamental Frequency
  • Loudness
  • Lager number of over tones
  • Pitch
  1. Waxing and waning are the characteristics of
  • Periodic motion
  • Osciallations
  • Beats
  • Frequency
  1. Velocity of sound in air varies?
  • Inversely as the square root of the density of the medium
  • Directly as the square root of the density of the medium
  • Directly as the density of medium
  • Inversely as the density of medium
  1. The vibration of a body of decreasing amplitude are called
  • Undamped free vibration
  • Damped free vibrations
  • Resonant vibration
  • Secondary Emission
  1. In case of photoelectric emission, the rate of emission of electron is
  • Independent of frequency of radiation
  • Dependent on frequency of radiation
  • Dependent on wavelength of incident radiation
  • Independent of intensity of radiation
  1. Emission of radiation from radioactive element is
  • Slow
  • Fast
  • Spontaeous
  • Very slow
  1. Maswell’s electromagnetic theory could explain
  • Photo Electric Effect
  • Interference of light
  • Compton Effect
  • Black body radiation
  1. The constant between bright and dark bands of an interference pattern is
  • Low
  • High
  • No change
  • Gradually Decrease
  1. A non-Electrolyte solution is
  • Sugar Solution
  • Salt solution
  • Water
  • Copper sulphate solution
  1. An example of derived unit is
  • Meter
  • Second
  • Netwon
  • Candela

Link To download KDCET Previous year Question Paper:

KDCET 2013 Question Paper: 

CS Paper 1 CS Paper 2 CS Paper 3
AERONAUTICAL Biotechnology Cermaics Technology
Computer Science ECE Electrical Engineering
Environmental Mechanical Engineering MINING Engineering
Textile Engineering Civil Engineering

KDCET 2015 Question Paper: 

AERONAUTICAL Biotechnology Cermaics Technology
Computer Science ECE Textile Engineering 
Environmental Mechanical Engineering MINING Engineering
Chemical Engineering

Download Subject Wise DCET Question Paper :

Electrical Paper Electronics Paper Civil paper
Computer Science Paper Mechanical Paper Textile Paper
Mining Paper

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