DAVV CET Previous year Question Papers Model Paper pdf download

By | October 30, 2017

DAVV CET Previous Year Question Papers  Now our teams are going to talk about DAVV CET Previous year question papers on this article. Those applicants are going to appear in this examination and then must check DAVV CET Previous year Question papers group A, B, and C by our web portal. DAVV CET previous year Question papers with solution link were released on official web portal.

DAVV CET Previous year Question papers with Solution Pdf

Devi Ahilaya Vishwavidyalaya Common Entrance Test will be held on month of June. So, all those candidates who are interested in taking admission in the various courses like Business administration etc. should prepare for this examination accordingly. Every year, a Common Entrance Test is conducted by Devi Ahilaya Vishwavidyalaya for the students who aspire to take admission in the various courses. Students should prepare for the examination according to the syllabus so that important and relevant topics can be covered by them. Details regarding a pattern of exam, study material, important dates should be properly noted by the candidate.

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DAVV CET Exam previous year Question Paper download pdf:

Group A consists of 75 questions in which following subjects are included:

  • Quantitative ability
  • Logical ability and General intelligence
  • Data interpretation
  • English Language Comprehension
  • General Awareness and Socio- economic Environment Awareness

Each subject carries 15 questions each.

  • Group B also consists of 75 questions which include the same subjects as above.
  • Group C constitutes 15 questions from English and 20 questions each from mathematics/ biology, chemistry, and physics. Total 75 questions will be asked from Group C.

In the examination of Group C following preferences are available to the candidates:

For MBA (HR) – Physics, Chemistry, English, and biology

  • For B. Pharm. – Physics, Mathematics/ Biology, English, Chemistry
  • For MCA, M.Tech & B. Pharm- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English

DAVV CET Old, Model and Sample Question papers pdf download

The students who all are interested in taking admission in the recognized courses should accurately prepare for the examination and thoroughly revise the study material, model test papers and other notes which are provided in numerous sites and links. Various sites are available for the students who wish to study the material online which is really effective from the examination point of view. Candidates who are going to give this exam next year should start its preparation thoroughly.

Candidates should solve DAVV CET Previous year Papers pdf Download to have a thorough knowledge about the examination like a pattern of an exam; a level of adversity etc. solving the question papers aids and develops time management ability in the students. Students should download the sample papers and previous years question papers for enhancing their knowledge which also helps them to know about the continual and expected questions. Numerous sites are available to the candidates from which they can download all the DAVV CET Old Question Paper Pdf, notes, and other study material and can prepare for the examination adequately.

DAVV CET Exam Syllabus DAVV CET Model Paper
DAVV CET Exam Study Material DAVV CET Study Plan

Some Solved Questions and Answers:

  1. A student gets an aggregate of 60% marks in five subjects in the ratio 10:9:8:7:6. If the passing marks are 50 % of the maximum marks and each subjects has the same maximum marks, in how many subjects did he pass the exam?
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  1. In how many ways can the eight directors, the vice-chairman and the chairman of a firm be seated at a round –table, if the chairman has to sit between the vice-chairman and a director?
  • 9! ? 2
  • 2 ? 8!
  • 2? 7!
  • None of these
  1. After a discount of 11.11 %, trader still makes a gain of 14.28 %. At how Many percent above the cost price does he mark his goods?
  • 56 %
  • 35 %
  • 22%
  • None of these
  1. An old man has Rs. ( 1! + 2 ! + 3 ! +———–+50 !), all of which he wants to be divide equally ( without fractions) among his n children. The, n may be?
  • 5
  • 7
  • 9
  • 11
  1. A dealer buys dry fruit at Rs. 100, Rs. 80 and Rs. 60 per kg, He mixes then in the ratio 3:4:5 by weight, and sells the at a profit of 50 %. At what price does he sell the dry fruit?
  • 80/Kg
  • 100/kg
  • 95/kg
  • None of these
  1. An express train travelling at 80 kmph overtakes a good train, twice as long and going at 40 Kmph on parallel track, in 54 seconds. How long will the express train take to cross a station 400 m long?
  • 36 Sec
  • 45 Sec
  • 27 Sec
  • None of these
  1. A student, instead of finding the value of 7/8th of a number, found the value of 7/18th of the number. If his answer differed from the actual one by 770, find the number?
  • 1584
  • 2520
  • 1728
  • 1656
  1. P and Q are two integer such that P? Q =64. Which of the following cannot be the value of P+Q?
  • 20
  • 65
  • 16
  • 35
  1. The average marks of a student in ten papers are 80. If the highest and the lowest scores are not considered, the averages are 81. If his highest score is 92, find the lowest?
  • 55
  • 60
  • 62
  • Cannot be determined

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