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By | August 7, 2017

COMEDK previous year question paper download: COMEDK Previous year Question paper pdf link will be released on our web portal Through this web page, you can download COMEDK medical entrance exam previous year question paper pdf by this web portal. Now we are providing COMEDK exam study material such as COMEDK Previous year papers, COMEDK Medical old question paper Pdf, COMEDK Medical Entrance exam solved question paper pdf and others.

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COMEDK Medical entrance previous year question papers with solution pdf

This Consortium Medical, Engineering and Dental Colleges of Karnataka conduct entrance exam in the month of May every year in the name of COMEDK entrance exam. Students interested in joining the college can apply for the entrance exam. The application is available online itself. Students preferring this college must apply for the entrance exam before the last date.

The candidates must download COMEDK Previous year question papers pdf through this web portal. To know the last date for applying for the entrance exam you can log in to the official website of the college that is for further details.

The official website gives regular updates about the exam to be conducted. If you are searching COMEDK MBBS previous year question paper pdf here and there on the internet.

Regular updates about the college and exam to be conducted are posted on the official website. Once you see the application is open you can apply for the exam.

Once you apply for the exam you must know the syllabus of the exam. Knowing about the syllabus of the exam will help you to prepare for the exam.

COMEDK Exam Syllabus COMEDK Model Paper
COMEDK Exam Study Material Best Books for COMEDK 

COMEDK MBBS Previous year Question Papers with Answers

You must focus on the COMEDK Exam Syllabus 2016 while preparing for the exam. During the entrance, exam time plays a vital role. You have to clear all the questions before time and check your answer sheet. This will help during the time of examination.

So calculate your ability you must download the COMEDK Old Question papers pdf and solve the question paper under an exam situation. Once you start to solve the question papers in that sort you will be able to increase your speed gradually and you will be able to assess yourself.

In competitive exams, preparation for the exam is very important. You must analyze your positives and negatives. You might think you are well prepared.

But you will be able to realize your mistakes only when you solve the COMEDK Solved Question papers Pdf by yourself. Solving the past question papers will give you the confidence to appear for the exam. You can appear for the exam without any kind of fear.

How to download COMEDK previous year papers Pdf

Now you might have realized the importance of past question papers. Now you may think how to get the past question papers. You can get the past question from online itself. You can just log in to the official website mentioned above and download the COMEDK past year question papers Pdf. You can get the question papers along with the answers. So you need worry to search for the answers again from the website. After downloading the question papers you can start solving them by yourself. You can also buy guide or notes from book shop for more reference.

  • First of all, candidates must visit official web page
  • Then need to click on “ Previous year papers” button
  • Click on login button and fill Login Id and Password
  • Click on Final submit button and download it save on your personal drive

Some solved questions and answers:

  1. The Sum of non-prime positive divisor of 450 is?
  • 1209
  • 1299
  • 1199
  • 1099
  1. The Number of triangles in a complete graph with 10 non-collinear verticals is:
  • 360
  • 240
  • 120
  • 60
  1. Two equal forces (P each) act at a point inclined to each other at an angle of 120 Degree. The magnitude of their resultant is:
  • P
  • P/2
  • 2P
  • P/4
  1. Specific rotation of sugar solution is 0.01 SI units. 200 Kg/m^3 of impure sugar solution is taken in polarimeter tube of length 0.25 m and optical rotation of 0.4 rad is observed. The percentage of purity of sugar in the sample is ________?
  • 80%
  • 89%
  • 11 %
  • 20 %
  1. When a body is earth connected, electron forms the earth flow into the body. This means the body is _________?
  • Uncharged
  • Charged positively
  • Charged negatively an insulator
  1. If M is the atomic mass and A is the mass number, packing fraction is given by ___?
  • A/A-M
  • A-M/A
  • M/M-A
  • M-A/A
  1. A count rate meter shows a count of 240 per minute from a given radioactive sources. One hour later the meter shows a count rate of 30 per minute. The half –life of the sources is_______?
  • 20 Min
  • 30 min
  • 80 Min
  • 120 Min
  1. The refractive index of a particular material is 1.67 for blue light, 1.65 for yellow light and 1.63 for red light. The dispersive power of the material is _________?
  • 0615
  • 024
  • 031
  • 60

COMEDK Question Bank download: 

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Question Bank 3 Question Bank 4
Question Bank 5 Question Bank 6

COMEDK Previous year Question Paper Pdf: 

COMEDK Biology 2004 COMEDK Physics 2004 COMEDK Chemistry 2004 COMEDK Maths 2004
COMEDK Biology 2005 COMEDK Physics 2005 COMEDK Chemistry 2005 COMEDK Maths 2005
COMEDK Biology 2006 COMEDK Physics 2006 COMEDK Chemistry 2006 COMEDK Maths 2006
COMEDK Biology 2007 COMEDK Physics 2007 COMEDK Chemistry 2007 COMEDK Maths 2007
COMEDK Biology 2008 COMEDK Physics 2008 COMEDK Chemistry 2008 COMEDK Maths 2008
COMEDK Biology 2009 COMEDK Physics 2009 COMEDK Chemistry 2009 COMEDK Maths 2009
COMEDK Biology 2010 COMEDK Physics 2010 COMEDK Chemistry 2010 COMEDK Maths 2010
COMEDK Biology 2011 COMEDK Physics 2011 COMEDK Chemistry 2011 COMEDK Maths 2011
COMEDK Biology 2012 COMEDK Physics 2012 COMEDK Chemistry 2012 COMEDK Maths 2012

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Physics Question Paper
Mathematics Question Paper
Biology Question Paper

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