BSNL JTO Previous year Question papers with Answers Pdf [Last 10 Years]

By | August 18, 2017

BSNL JTO Previous Year Question Paper Download: By this content, we are providing BSNL JTO Previous year question paper pdf on our web portal  On this content, our team will be released JTO previous year question papers with solution pdf link on this web page. The BSNL JTO Sample Question paper will be very helpful for all candidates who are participating in this examination.

You can download BSNL JTO Old question paper pdf after logged in this web portal. The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) organization will be released BSNL Previous year question papers for JTO on official web page. Before participating in this examination, applicants must download BSNL JTO Old Papers with a solution by the official web page.

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BSNL JTO Previous year Question Papers with Answer Pdf free download

BSNL is Bharat Sanchar Nigam limited which is an Indian telecommunications company. The question paper of the BSNL JTO is available on the official website. There are a lot of candidates appear in the BSNL JTO examination.

The BSNL JTO Previous papers link was released on this web portal The candidate can easily download the BSNL TTA JE Exam Question papers from the official website of the BSNL JTO so that they can prepare well for their examinations before the exam.

The candidate can prepare well with the help of BSNL JTO old question papers. For knowing the model of questions coming in the previous year papers it is the good habit to prepare previous year question papers.

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BSNL JTO Previous year Question Papers with Answers for ECE Pdf download

The question papers of the BSNL JTO are basically divided into 3 Sections. The first and the second section i.e. section A and Section B contains 50-50 questions, all the questions in the section A and section B is from engineering stream.

There are only 20 questions in section C, all the questions are multiple choice questions and most of the questions in section C is generally based on the general knowledge. The BSNL JTO previous year papers with solution link will be released on official web portal you can download old question papers of BSNL JTO exam by this web portal.

How to download BSNL JTO Last 5 year solved question paper Pdf

To recruit the (JTO) junior telecom officer posts in Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Assam, West Bengal, Punjab the BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam limited) has released a recruitment notification.

The previous question papers of the BSNL JTO are also available in the Rajasthan, Gujrat, J & K, UP, Odisha, Kerala. The BSNL JTO last 10 to 5-year question papers with the answer key of BSNL JTO are easily available for the better preparation of the candidates.

So, it is advisable that the candidate must prepare the BSNL JTO previous papers with solution pdf for their better preparation and for getting good marks in the BSNL JTO examinations.

  • First of all the candidate must visit the official website of the BSNL JTO (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited).
  • After that, you have to search the link of a particular subject to download the question papers of those subjects which you want to download.
  • There is various link of the different- different exams are available on the official website so a candidate needs to carefully click on the link of their related exam.
  • After all these steps the BSNL JTO Previous year Papers is displayed on your computer screen.
  • The previous year question papers is also available in a pdf format so a candidate can download or print question papers by choosing the download button on the website

Some Solved Questions and Answers for JTO Exam:

  1. A house Served by 220 V Supply Light, is protected by a 9-Ampree fuse. The Maximum number of 60 W bulbs in parallel that can be turned on is:
  • 11
  • 33
  • 22
  • 44
  1. Silicon has a preference in IC technology because?
  • It is an indirect semiconductor
  • It is an covalent semiconductor
  • It is an elemental semiconductor
  • Of the availability of nature oxide SiO
  1. For a series resonant circuit, at the half of power points, which of the following is true?
  • Current is half of the current at resonance
  • Resistance is equal to the  reactance
  • The impendence is half the impendence at the resonance
  • None of the above
  1. The Lossless line of characteristics impedance 300 ohm is terminated in a pure resistance in a pure resistance of 200 ohm. The value of the standing wave ratio is?
  • 5
  • 67
  • 0
  • 25
  1. The Transient current in Lossless L-C circuit when excited from an AC sources is, _________Sine wave?
  • Critically damped
  • Under damped
  • Over damped
  • Un Damped
  1. A transmission line s terminated as its characteristic impedance. The reflection coefficient is
  • 1
  • -1
  • 0
  • Infinite
  1. In Airport, a receiving, antenna has a maximum dimension of 3 meters and operates at 100 MHz. An aircraft approaching the airport is ½ km away from the antenna is ½ Km away from the antenna. The aircraft is in the ______region of the antenna.
  • Far-Field
  • Near Field
  • Close Field
  • Out of reach
  1. Transient signals can be observed using:
  • Storage oscilloscope
  • Sampling Oscilloscope
  • Wave Analayzer
  • Spectrum Analayzer
  1. Modern capacitors which have high capacitance in small size use a dielectric of?
  • Paper
  • Rubber
  • Ceramic
  • Mylar
  1. The Maximum spectral response of the germanium and silicon is in the?
  • Infrared Region
  • Ultraviolet Region
  • Visible Region
  • X-Ray Region
  1. The main Scale of vernier caliper is ruled in 1MM units. The Vernier scale is 49 mm long and divied in 50 units. The resolution of the vernier caliper is?
  • 002 mm
  • 005 mm
  • 01 mm
  • 02 mm
  1. Wattmeters are based on the principle of?
  • Permanent magnet moving coil meter
  • Electrodynamics meter
  • Electrostatic Meter
  • Moving iron Meter

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