AIPMT Previous year Question Papers {Chapter wise} NEET Old Papers pdf

By | October 25, 2017

AIPMT Previous Year Question Papers: Now we are going to talking about AIPMT Previous year question papers Pdf as well as AIPMT last year question paper Pdf.  We have to advise all applicants, who are going to participate in AIPMT Exam, must download AIPMT Exam Study Material such as AIPMT previous year papers as well as AIPMT practice set through our web portal

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AIPMT Previous year Question Papers with solution Pdf

Now CBSE organization will be released AIPMT notification on official web page. Applied candidates must check NEET Previous year question papers pdf on our web portal. We are discussing all details regarding AIPMT previous year papers with answers on this web page.

There are many professional courses are available for the students who have completed their 12th standard.They have to choose the courses based on their area of interest. Only then they can able to shine in their future.

Among various courses, there are some students will prefer to choose the medical field. This is not an easy job to get seated in the medical field. They have to secure top marks in the public examination.

And they should also have the required cut off marks for admitting into the top most colleges. Some of the best medical colleges are organized together to conduct the entrance exam for the medical and dental course.

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AIPMT Previous year Question paper 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014

The exam which is conducted to select the students to admit in the topmost medical colleges is nothing but AIPMT. The abbreviation for the AIPMT exam is All India Pre Medical Test. This will be conducted once in a year.

So, the students who are completed their 12th standard public exam can make use of this exam to admit in good colleges.After download admits card, candidates are looking AIPMT Previous year question papers year wise.

Through this content, you can download AIPMT Solved papers with answers key. The exam notification will be specified after the public exam gets over. They can get the intimation of the exam notification on the official site, Here, they can able to get the clear information regarding the entrance exam.

NEET Previous year Question Papers with solution

The examination will be purely based on the physics, chemistry, and biology. The students should concentrate on these areas to get the high score in the entrance exam. If the needed be, they can look after the exam syllabus in the official sites.

By this web, candidates can download AIPMT Previous year papers subject wise such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology by the single click. This will be more useful while preparing for the entrance exam.

And then, the examination will also set the cut off marks to validate the performance of the candidate. So, the students should secure high marks in the exam to get seated in the top colleges.

How to download AIPMT Old solved question paper Pdf  

The students may not know to download the AIPMT Previous year papers on the official sites. This will be nothing to prepare for the exam. The answer key will be helpful to know about the scoring methods for the correct answers. They can follow the below steps to get the CBSE AIPMT Previous year papers.

  • The students should log in to the official site.
  • They have to choose the NEET Previous year papers to link in it.
  • They will get huge question paper set by year wise.
  • They have to select the year which they want.
  • Then they can click the download option to download the PDF format of the document.

Some Solved Questions And Answers for NEET 2017

  1. Which one of the following statement is correct?
  • The Seed in grasses is not endospermic
  • Mango is a parthenocarpic Fruit
  • A proteinaceous aleurone layer is present in Maize gain
  • A sterile Pistil is called a staminode
  1. Tracheids differ from other treachery elements in:
  • Having Casparain strips
  • Being imperforate
  • Lacking nucleus
  • Being lignified
  1. An example of Edible underground stem is?
  • Carrot
  • Groundnut
  • Sweet Potato
  • Potato
  1. Which structures perform the function of mitochondria in bacteria?
  • Nucleoid
  • Ribosomes
  • Cell Well
  • Mesomsomes
  1. The Solid linear cytoskeletal element having a diameter of 6 nm and made up of a single type of monomer are known as a?
  • Microtubules
  • Microfilaments Filaments
  • Intermediate Filaments
  • Lamins
  1. A few normal seeding of tomato were kept in a dark room. After a few days they were found to have become white –colored like albinos. Which of the following terms will you use to describe them?
  • Mutated
  • Embolised
  • Etiolated
  • Defoliated
  1. Male gametype with least number of cell is present is?
  • Pteris
  • Funaria
  • Lilium
  • Pinus
  1. The first human hormones become produced by recombinant DNA Technology is?
  • Insulin
  • Estrogen
  • Thyroxin
  • Progesterone
  1. An analysis of Chromosomal DNA using the southern hybridisation technique does not use?
  • Electrophoresis
  • Blotting
  • Autoradiography
  • PCR
  1. An example of ex situ conservation is?
  • National Park
  • Seed bank
  • Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Sacred Grove

Link To download AIPMT Question Paper: 

Year Question Paper
1998 Download Here
1999 Download Here
2000 Download Here
2001 Download Here
2002 Download Here
2003 Download Here
2004 Download Here
2005 Download Here
2006 Download Here
2007 Download Here
2008 Download Here
2009 Download Here
2010 Download Here
2011 Download Here
2012 Download Here
2013 Download Here
2014 Download Here
2015 Download Here
2016 Phase 1 Download Here
2016 Phase 2 Download Here

AIPMT Question Paper Chapter wise: 

Biology Chemistry Physics 


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