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CA CPT Previous year last 6 years solved question papers pdf download

CPT Previous Year Question Papers Download: Here candidates must download CPT Previous year Question papers pdf through our web portal www.puranepapers.in. We are providing CPT Previous year question papers with answer pdf link on official web page. All candidates, who are going to participate in this exam must check CPT Sample Question papers Pdf, CPT Model Question papers Pdf, CPT Old Question paper Pdf as well as others. Interested and eligible applicants must download CPT Previous year question paper book by this content. There are a huge number of applicants participate in CPT examination in every year.

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CPT Previous year Question papers with Answers pdf download

CPT stands for the common proficiency test. This examination is conducted for the enrollment of the CA candidates. In order to prepare for this test, you have to make sure that you do good preparation with the help of good quality study material.

The study material that you use should be the latest edition with the current syllabus. Experts also suggest that in order to do good preparation you can make use of the previous year paper.  The candidates must download.

Experts also suggest that in order to do good preparation you can make use of the previous year paper.  The candidates must download CA CPT Previous year solved question papers pdf link through this web portal. There is a lot of competition these days and in order to excel, it is very important that you work hard and give in your best. With the of the

With the of the CPT Last 10-year Papers pdf you will be able to get an idea about the pattern of the examination. One of the best ways to use CPT Last year papers is after you are done with the preparation of the CPT Exam Syllabus 2016.

CPT Exam Syllabus & Pattern CPT Exam Model Paper
CPT Exam Study Material CPT Exam Study Plan & Tips

CA CPT Sample, Model and Practice Set question paper download Pdf

You can solve one of the papers keeping in mind that the paper gets completed on time and match the answers with the correct answer and grade your preparation. Whatever answers you give wrong you can go through the syllabus again and refresh the preparation. For the best practice, you can use more than one paper. There will be a number of sets of papers that you can refer to for a good score. Let us now study the steps that are involved in order to obtain the CPT Previous year question papers download:

There will be a number of sets of papers that you can refer to for a good score. Let us now study the steps that are involved in order to obtain the CPT Previous year question papers download:

  1. The first step will be to visit the official website. On the official website along with the papers, you will also be able to gather a lot of other information related to the process of examination. The website is very informative and fast to use. You just make sure that you go through the website regularly in order to keep yourself updated with all the recent information.
  2. Once the website will open on the homepage you will be able to read a number of options with a different kind of information. You can click on the option that reads CPT Mock Papers Pdf.
  3. Once you will click on this option a list of all the papers will open year wise. You can choice to view any of them. You can also obtain these papers by taking out a print out or you can download these papers and keep them safe on your computer system. One by one as in need you can refer to the papers and practice well.

Some Solved Questions and Answers:

  1. Which of the following is wrong?
  • All real and personal accounts are transferred to balance sheet
  • Nominal accounts are transferred to P& L account
  • Each account is opened separately in ledger
  • Rent is a personal account outstanding rent is nominal account
  1. In Journal Entries which pertain to outstanding entries, prepaid entries, depreciation entries are called?
  • Adjustment entries
  • Rectification Entries
  • Transfer Entries
  • Closing Entries
  1. In three column cash book the discount columns are?
  • Totalled but not adjusted
  • Totalled and Adjusted
  • Totalled but not balanced
  • None of above
  1. Cash book O.D balance Rs.2000. It was found that cheque of Rs. 100, Rs. 150, Rs. 175 which are issued but not presented till the date and the cheque of Rs. 600 deposited but have not been cleared, then O.D balance are per pass book is:
  • 2150
  • 2175
  • 1475
  • 1925
  1. In case of joint venture business, method of accounting to be followed and decide by?
  • Separate Act for j.V
  • Accounting Standard
  • Co-Venture as per their convenience
  • ICAI
  1. ‘A ‘ and ‘B’ enter into a joint venture business ‘A’ purchased goods worth Rs. 30000 and ‘B’ sold for Rs. 40000. ‘A’ is entitled to 1% commission on purchase and ‘b’ is entitled to 5% commission on sales. The profit on venture to be shared by A & B is ( The Profit sharing ratio is 2:1)
  • 4000: Rs. 2000
  • 5133: Rs. 2567
  • 5000: Rs. 2500
  • 4200: Rs. 2100
  1. Cost of machine is Rs. 100000 Scrap value Rs. 10000 and life is 4 years. What will be the amount of depreciation in 3rd year according to sum of years digits method?
  • 40000
  • 27000
  • 9000
  • 18000
  1. A Trader followed WDV method of Depreciation; the book value of asset after 4 years is 25 % of original cost. Find rate of Depreciation.
  • 24 %
  • 26 %
  • 352 %
  • 30 %
  1. Angola & Bangola sharing profits 2:3, mangola joined the firm. Angola gave 1/3rd of his share; Bangola gave 1/4th of his share. What is new profit sharing ratio?
  • 17:27: 37
  • 16:27:17
  • 17:27:17
  • None of these
  1. When Goodwil is withdrawn by the partner’s _________account is credited.
  • Cash
  • Partners capital A/c
  • Partner Loan A/c
  • Goodwill A/C
  1. Average stock Rs. 14000, Closing stock is Rs. 3000 more than the opening stock, then closing stock is___________?
  • 15500
  • 15000
  • 12200
  • 12000
  1. A void contract is __________?
  • An agreement which is not enforced by law
  • A Contract which creases to be enforceable
  • An Agreement which is voidable at the option of promise
  • An agreement which is voidable at the option of promise
  • An agreement which is voidable at the option of promisor
  1. Which of the following is not correct?
  • Offer must not be conditional
  • Acceptance may be given in any manner
  • Acceptance must be absolute
  • Communication of offer is an essential element
  1. Original offer is rejected when there is_________?
  • Standing offer
  • Cross Offer
  • Counter offer
  • None of these
  1. A person advertised in news paper to sell his old car. Then the offer is ____?
  • General offer
  • Specific Offer
  • Continuing offer
  • None of above

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